LA Fitness


Fitness Facilities (Clubs) – New Construction, Renovations

“US Aluminum”, “EFCO” Storefronts, Curtain-walls, Entrances, “Guardian” Tinted and Low-e Glass, Special ½” Frosted Laminated Glass, Mirror work, and Specialty trim metals and hardware. The projects vary in size and scope and require multiple scope participation and expertise to make interfaces match and fit. The customer has exacting tolerances which requires constant oversight and changes on the fly to complete on time and with the quality, fit and finish required by LA Fitness. Designers Mirror and Glass has done over Ten locations now from the East Coast to Chicago and has provided on time, quality performance on each project. We have become a known and preferred vendor for our dependability and attention to detail. We are presently working on (4) New locations and (3) remodels.