A Transparent History…

Planning, Execution, Luck, Education……..all words considered when we propagate our lives. But even the best plans have unknown future expectations, and so it remains with the construction business…….constant challenge and ever changing marks of expectation and excellence highlight the pace of transition.

That ever changing myriad of challenges facing the construction of Play & Leisure, Office, Retail, Education, Recreation, Institutional, Hospital and Domicile destinations plays out every time an architect or owner considers the next landmark or landmark modification. Challenges in that regard can pose difficulties or they can foster opportunity and innovation. Those who would choose to willingly participate in the activity of solutions to challenge shall reap excellence and thus is the founding cornerstone of the men and women of Designers Mirror and Glass, Inc. 

Ten decades ago Ray L. Martin considered Challenges and looked to the future of the Construction Industry at a time when commercial glass use was at its infancy and chose optimism as the best path to progress and success. Ray joined others in founding the Ohio Plate Glass Company to fill the needs of a rapidly growing urban population in Toledo Ohio with modern innovative glass and metal solutions.

Looking forward Ray set his hand to further enhance the state of the art, founding Cadillac Glass Company in Detroit in 1921. In uncompromising fashion Ray made absolute certain that customers challenges were met head on and creative solutions provided. Product, Quality Service and customer appreciation became the foundation for building one of North Americas largest Architectural Glass wholesale, Fabrication, and installation firms spanning the Midwest from five locations and employing nearly 600 people at its pinnacle. For seven decades and four generations, family pride served to build substantial notable projects of destination in many of our great American cities. In an unfortunate turn of fait the health of the grandsons of Ray lapsed and the firm was gone.

Now fourth generation industry professionals Rick and Dave Martin having come up through the ranks of that great legacy, are conquering the challenges of the ever changing industry themselves. Since founding Designers Mirror and Glass, Inc. in ‘2003 we have pushed forward meeting the demands of more complex and energy efficient structures. Through uncompromising dedication, Designers Mirror and Glass has consistently outperformed in the face of tighter schedules, exacting tolerances, and exceedingly higher quality demands.

By employing the teachings of our family generations before us and with the help of our energetic, loyal and creative staff, we continually push to earn the opportunity of serving our client’s needs, and to developing their visions, on time and within budget. With old world philosophy and the employment of the current state of the art, we are ready to take on your challenge.

Take a closer look and let us help you build something special………….”your vision”